me here

I don’t like crowd. It always makes me nervous.  I like working under pressure but don’t feel much comfort standing under the lightspot. I consider my self as ‘behind the curtain’ worker.


I believe I still the person who wrote the statement above, yet it’s 2018 now. Time flies, years go by. People change and so do I. So what is it then the new up graded ‘me’ here?

I have learnt, that I still don’t like crowd and always would be. But the learning ‘me’, would not push people away in crowd. I will dive searching the meaning and essence of crowd it self. btw. I am still nervous.

I like working under pressure. God please help me get rid of this habit. Because I hate it so much. Maybe I have to create virtual unreal dateline so that I wont seem unreliable to other people. ‘#thinking

I still don’t like being under Spotlight. But if I have to be one, I will make sure it definitely the one and only spotlight for me. So then I have spoken in seminar and couple forum and really do this feel so good 😉

But don’t worry. This worker is still favour to stand behind the curtain to make sure things work in schedule and target, until………………… well until something come up and you know where to fine me……………..marching to the better one, emerge to lead you all 😀


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