About Alex

I think I am in love with this male name “alex”. It keeps playing in my mind over and over again. I wish someday I could have a baby boy, then I would definitely name him alex. Lets see…. He could be Alexander mohammad my leader? Does it sound too occult to you? Actually that name ‘my leader’ is from eri 😦

Anyway, my baby alexander should know, that his mom, me, is very eager to a part of one of the most prestigius unversity in the world, the alexander von Humboldt University in Berlin. That is her dream. Although she’s spent her master time in dresden. Tbh, die technische universität dresden was not so bad. It was awesome. I love spending my time there, for always. It’s just that Humboldt fascinated me so much.

Another ‘alex’ reason is of course  keanu reeves 😀 . Okay, I am a bit shallow here hahaha. It’s not that keanu, meaning the mountain breeze, but the ‘alex’ in the lake house movie. See, I guess I got too dramatized and carried over. I mean, he is such a sensitive guy.

And last one, Alexander Fehling. He is still young. Anything could happen to him. Wish him luck. I think your name is cute by the way. I wanna have a baby boy like you.


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