How do you heal a broken heart

Virgo women are nothing if not logical and intelligent. Logic rules their brain! After analysing the relationship (if things are not working or something is amiss) they may themselves decide to bid adieu, even if it may take them ages to heal their broken heart. Most of these rational Virgo women will amicably end a relationship, especially if there ever was a friendship they valued. They may avoid getting back to the same places or meeting people that would remind them of their relationship gone sour. However, on face, they would rarely make a show of a relationship gone wrong, and even when they (accidentally) bump into their ex, they would almost always ensure plastering a smile

Gue bangeet. Macam lagunya siapa tu, ex spice girl; thing will never be the same again. Trus klo misalnya gue patah hati karena cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan gitu, gue bisa kejem lo sama diri gue. Gue sudah nunjukin minat tapi tidak bersambut. Trus goodbye. Nah perihal goodbye ini yang hati enggan, makanya harus dikerasin sama pikiran aka logika.


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