Weekend sewing: portable cable pouch

image Last weekend I wanted to sew something different. It was not because sewing dresses bored me. No. I just needed to escape from this feeling of missing someone very much 😦 .

For my sewing this time I decided to make a foldable pouch. It is intended to arrange my messy cables. They always managed to confuse me everytime I looked for them (esp in my bag 😦 ). It seemed like my phone charger cable have a date with my mp4 cable somewhere in my bag and the data cable get envy and become angry for this affair #face palm. And these cables are tangled one way and another, making me in trouble everytime I need one of them.Oh well, I should end the drama right away, don’t you think ? 😀

I started browsing and found this web from make it.love it. It was incredible. The pouch turned out so adorable and very handy. After putting those cable in, I can fold it into a beautiful pouch and place it somewhere in my bag, ready to use. I used some leftover batik fabric and little piece of yellow ribbon to replace keyholder I don’t have. Guess I was too lazy to purchase one.


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