Have you ever wondered why some people could detach them self while other seem just can’t be left alone ? 😛 I mean these “some people” should always need somebody as companion, a friend, relatives, lover, anybody you can name. I don’t know why I write this thing, It just I feel sometimes maybe I AM one of those people too. But on second thought, naaaay. I am not, maybe not always hahahahaha

I consider my self as a cameleon. I change skin occasionally. It depends on the moon :D. I think my attachment come to the time when I need to share something. I constantly need to share. It is in my blood. That sharing of course need a partner/partners. That is why I love to go gathering with friends, having fun together with them. But still my time being alone is a must. There just a time, where I just become so silent, that this could make others angry and upset for not knowing why and what the meaning of my silence


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