Alloh, there is something about You


There is something about you.

You are  Alloh all mighty, proved Your protections and wisdom above all. I’ve been through a hard time for the past these days. I know, I am not always follow my paths. I’ve played so much with my heart that makes me wondered: Would You help me this time Alloh? For all the sins I’ve done, for all those shames sometimes ago. And Your answer is YES.

And then I start it again. Holding your promises to keep an eye on me, I come forward. I would never let you down Alloh. You would never let me down too.  I thank You for all Your kindness to me. Alloh, You will guard all the process as long as I follow your rules. And it’s true. You know what? I got his answer just know, the man of the past. And it’s not that hurt. Knowing that he is seeing someone else. 

You are right Alloh. You’ve gave me a very well basis to face this all. I am not hurt because I know You told me not to be.

There is nothing wrong about You. As I ask my dear sister’s help to assist me to him, my lips didn’t stop trembling. Please, You would make my pray come true. If he’s the one for me. Then He’ll be the one.  Isha Alloh.


There is something about me. I LOVE YOU. Thank You. Alhamdulillah.

*Dan kepadaMu lah aku akan kembali*


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